A few centuries ago Jesus sent Peter — to whom our parish is dedicated — and the other apostles out to make disciples, and a few bodies of water later we’ve been seeking to grow as disciples and to make disciples since 1860 in northeast Wisconsin.

We’re catholic, confessing the same faith Christians have confessed over 20 centuries in all parts of the globe. We’re evangelical, willing to test the hoariest tradition and the latest new thing against Holy Scripture, and unashamedly calling all people to allegiance to Jesus Christ, in whose service is perfect freedom.

Jesus is the Wisdom of God, so we think the mind is no better and no worse than any other organ for worshipping God, so we don’t demand that folk check it at the door.

Want to Become Episcopalian?

The worship we offer is 24/7, not only in the sanctuary, but throughout the city, county, and surrounding counties. Whether on Saturday nights at St Mary’s in Wautoma, or Sunday mornings at St Peter’s in Ripon, the Lord’s Table is open to all Christians, and we’re happy to talk about how one becomes a Christian 24/7.