Frequently Asked Questions

Some “Frequently Asked Questions” about Worship Services at St. Peter & St. Mary Episcopal Parish

I’m _____________.  Am I welcome to attend services & receive communion?

Please know that ALL are welcome to attend our worship services & receive communion.  We believe that all baptized Christians – including children – are welcome to share at God’s table.  You may also request a blessing at the altar rail instead of receiving communion.


Are children welcome to attend services?

Children are welcomed in the sanctuary during worship services…there is plenty of room to wiggle!  At St. Peter, if a child is screaming at the top of their lungs you may want to distract them with some toys in the nursery just off the parish hall.  St. Mary is a small chapel that provides an intimate worship experience, seating about 20-24 max. One may need to step outside with a child, if necessary.


Is there easy access into the building & accommodations for special needs during worship?

St. Peter has a ramp to the main floor of the building where the sanctuary is located, as well as one to the lower level.  St. Mary is in a slightly wooded area facing the lake. The building is easily accessible. At both buildings, if you are more comfortable receiving communion in the pew, let the usher or priest know & you will be accommodated.  Large print bulletins are available at both St. Peter & St. Mary for your convenience as well.


Do I have to pay anything to attend church?

There is no “fee” to attend church, but an offering is taken as part of the service.  This, plus the annual pledges of parishioners (members who attend regularly) helps to keep our parish functioning & alive.


Is there anything in the Episcopal service which may embarrass me?

Members may introduce themselves to you, invite you to stay for coffee hour after worship, or just chat to get to know you.  No attention will be drawn to you during the service.


Why do people get up & walk around during the “peace”?

When the priest says, “The peace of the Lord be with you,” we really mean it!  We are very exuberant in passing the peace to one another! In the liturgy, this is the time after confession of sin when we celebrate that we are reconciled to God and each other with Christ.  It is fine to let others come to you or hold back until you feel more comfortable.


When do I stand, sit or kneel during worship?

Specific instructions are in the rubrics (directions) in the Book of Common Prayer or in the bulletin.  Generally, we stand to sing, praise or read the Gospel, & we sit during all other Bible readings and the Sermon.  Bold print or italicized words is when we respond as a congregation.