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The Church of Cristo Resucitado, Heredia, Costa Rica








The Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central America is a province of the Anglican Communion, covering 5 sees in Central America. The current primate of the province is Archbishop Martin de Jesús Barahona. Today, there are over 24,800 Anglicans out of an estimated population of 30.1 million. The Province, one of the newest in the Anglican Communion, is made up of the dioceses of Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. For many years, the Anglican church in Costa Rica was part of the Diocese of British Honduras. In 1946 it passed to the Diocese of the Canal of Panama, the ninth province of the Episcopal Church of the United States. In 1969, it became an independent missionary diocese and ten years later the diocese of Costa Rica became part of the Central American Region. The Province is multicultural and multiracial and is committed to evangelization, social outreach, and community development.


Heredia province is located in the north-central part of Costa Rica. Its boundaries to the north border Nicaragua, to the east the province of Limon, to the south San José province, and to the west Alajuela province. Heredia is the smallest province with an extension of 1653 square miles, about 5% of the national territory. It has a population of 354,926 inhabitants and a population density of 222 inhabitants per square mile.

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The Church of Cristo Resucitado

Our congregation of Cristo Resucitado was born four years ago, in 2004, as a Mission which held meetings and services in the garage of one of the members. One year later, in July 2005, we rented a small place where we continue to meet to this day. In November 2006 the Mission was declared a Congregation at the National Convention. The congregational community consists of 35 active members of diverse social levels with an ample variety of experiences and talents, all of which contribute to the realization of the common objectives of our projects.


The mission of the Church of Cristo Resucitado is to collaborate with the Bishop within the jurisdiction of Heredia in the announcing the Good News of the Gospel to all.


We have been requested by the members of the very poor neighborhood of Guararí of Heredia to help them open a day care center for children. Guararí located one mile to the south of the center of the city of Heredia is characterized by a dense population in a state of extreme poverty, abandoned by government institutions. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and violence abound in this community, typical of any marginal-urban zone. For this reason we would like to create the program Home School Cristo Resucitado, a center of attention and integral development for children between the ages of three and five years. Here they would receive care, a balanced diet and learn Christian values.

We need your help with our program. We must recondition the building and furnish the playrooms and kitchen.

We can’t do it alone.


The Episcopal Church of Cristo Resucitado

Anglican Communion

Heredia, Costa Rica

150 meters south of the Hospital San Vicente de Paúl


The Right Reverend
Hector Monterroso
Bishop of Costa Rica

The Reverend Jorge Urrutia

The Reverend
Jesús Alvarenga


Since 2006, St Peter’s has been working in partnership with Cristo Resucitado (“Christ Resurrected”), an Episcopal congregation north of the capital, San José. The description on this page is taken from a recent brochure.

Our Father of Brotherhood

Our, of all of us. Of the nearly 6 billion who live together on this earth.

Father who looks upon all His sons with the same love.

Who art in Heaven and on earth and in each of us.

Hallowed be Thy Name in all our hearts.

Thy Kingdom come, where love, brotherhood, justice and freedom shall abound.

Thy Will be done always, by every person, everywhere.

Give us this day our daily bread, kneaded with solidarity and justice.

 Forgive us now, completely, and forever.

Lead us not into temptation by ignoring our brothers in need of faith and love.

 Deliver us from evil, from selfishness, war and injustice


For we are many, Father, who want to live in peace with our brothers.


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